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We Make Interactive Easy!™

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Calling all digital pioneers, visionaries and entrepreneurs! Do you have an idea? We’ll bet you do. We are here to help you bring your ideas to life and turn them into bottom-line dollars. With 14 years experience building digital media infrastructures for global brands we have the tools, technologies and trial and error experience to help you make it happen.

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Game of Fame – Interactive TV Show

Generate New Subscriber & Advertising Dollars

We are actively partnering with Broadcast, Cable, Pay-Per-View & Subscription Service Providers as well as Savvy Content Creators to enable next generation programs and advertising through TV’s, smart phones and tablets. Not just to watch and chat about but to actually interact with audiences “LIVE”, connect family and friends together and engage sponsors, celebrities and fans like never before.

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Monetize Your Social Media

Unleash your audience, drive the social conversation and generate measurable bottom-line profits from your Facebook and Twitter followers with Social Networking Live™ (SNL™). With SNL™ connected to your content or venue you can interact with audiences, market in real-time, deliver coupons or have viewers purchase products directly during the show. Turnkey access, built-in analytics, complete results tracking and our new Cost Per Time Ad Model will all help to insure your success.

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The Voice of Holland™ – VReporter

Marathon Man – Live Shopping Game

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Attract Sponsors and Addict Audiences by having them become the “Stars of the Show”! Add new revenue streams while enabling a more engaging, personal and interactive connection with your Content, Brand or Venue. That rewards your viewers, subscribers, patrons or loyal customers with unmatched experiences, unique offers and ultimate fun.

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